About Us

Realm was established in 1988 as a warehousing company. Shortly after, we saw an opportunity to help companies dispose of their excess pallets and, in 2000, our pallet business was established and has continued to grow ever since.

We are known for customer service, professionalism, and reliability. Our ongoing strategic relationships with suppliers and manufacturers have allowed us to secure steady access to supply for our customers. We also provide pallet and wood waste recycling services as an option to keep unusable pallets out of landfills.

Realm is proud to be a member of the NWPCA.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I think the strength of Realm is their customer service and reactivity. If there are ever any issues, they move quickly to find a resolution. Overall, I also think that their products are better than most.

I think the main strength of Realm is their flexibility. We typically have 3 deliveries per week, but we may need to add or drop a delivery on occasion. Realm is very good with being flexible with that. They also have good communication overall with their shipments to us, which is why we use them.