Our Pallets and Crates

Realm offers new, recycled or combo pallets and crates in standard sizes. In addition, our design software and experienced builders can craft custom sizes to meet specific needs in any size or weight to ensure shipped products are properly supported and protected throughout the journey.

Our pallets and crates can be made from softwood, hardwood, or a combination of both, depending on individual requirements. We have heat treating kilns on site to meet the ISPM-15 shipping standard.

Ultimately, it is our goal to design and manufacture top quality products for our customers, so they can meet the needs of their clients.


Our goal is to preserve our pallets for as long as possible using our dismantling and recycling processes. When used pallets arrive at our facilities, they’re sorted based on condition, specs and size. Sound lumber is reused to build recycled or combo pallets. Unrepairable pallets are recycled for mulch, animal bedding or fuel so they don’t go to a landfill. In some cases, Realm is also able to provide on-site wood waste recycling, which can save time and cost.

New Pallets

Many of our customers can only use new pallets. Our new pallets are built with quality softwood and hardwood and can be standard size or designed to meet our customers specifications.

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Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are made from used pallets that are retrieved from manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers. They are dismantled and the wood is reused to provide a lower cost alternative for our customers. This process furthers our commitment to sustainability by keeping as much material as possible out of landfills.

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Combo Pallets

Combo pallets are similar to recycled pallets. Dismantled used pallets are combined with new wood (usually the stringers, but as much as possible) to make a pallet. Combo pallets are another economical option when cost is a consideration.

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Our custom crates are created with new wood to meet the most detailed customer specifications. Our design specialists work with customers to ensure that their product has the best, most efficient and safest packaging. We can create custom designs, based on individual specifications to maximize strength and capacity.

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